I don’t see why Catholics hate Lutherans.



We’re the closest protestants to you. It is us, or the others. I’m sure you don’t want to be put with the Calvinists, or the Evangelicals.

When I talk to my Catholic friends they’re often surprised by how much we agree on. Baptism, Real Presence, closed Communion, importance of the liturgy…

Whoa whoa whoa, Catholics DON ‘T hate Lutherans! I mean we like to talk smack, and we certainly aren’t fans of Luther, but like you said, Lutherans and Catholics have a lot in common. I have met Lutherans who were quite aggressive about the reasons they didn’t believe in Catholicism, but I’ve never seen any sort of personal animosity between the two. I’m sorry that you have, because Catholics shouldn’t be acting like that, we should love all our neighbors, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, and if we disagree we should do it with charity and respect

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